Tips While You Trying to Deep Fry Food

fried-chickenBe Brave

As deep frying involves hot oil, people are afraid of trying it at home. With simple tips you can enjoy this cooking. Just be sure that you don’t add food in the oil from a far distance, because this will not help but will increase the problems. When the food is added from longer distance, oil splashing chances increase too many folds. Always add food from minimal possible distance. A confident hand or handy tongs can be used. You can use spoons or sticks also for this purpose; just make sure that distance is not too great.


Fried-FoodDivide the Food in small Batches

Adding food in ample amount will lower the oil temperature, which is not desired because it will make food greasy. Divide the food in smaller batches and add only one after another to get the best. If you are frying frozen food, make these batches even smaller; this will help to maintain the temperature within optimum limits. See the best tools for deep frying turkey.


Proper Oil disposal is necessary

Proper disposal of oil is highly necessary. Don’t pour it in the kitchen sink. Let the oil to cool down. Add it in a seal container and throw it away. You can also add it in the glass bottles.


Adjust the temperature correctly

When the food is added in the oil, its temperature will drop eventually. This will lead to sticky and greasy food. It is important to increase the heat at that time so temperature can be maintained. The ideal temperature to set between cooking is 325-375°F. Not too high and not too low; if you maintain between this temperature, crispy and golden crust will surely appear.

If the temperature exceeds the normal range and you see visible smoke, remove the pan carefully and instantly from the heat source.


Season Immediately

After removing the food from the oil, place it on paper towels. In this way, excess oil will be absorbed efficiently and just after that add the seasons immediately because it is the perfect timings when they will adhere to the food surface.

…or save it for the future

Oils can be reused again and if saved properly you can reuse them even after a month. For proper storing, filter the oil and remove any food debris. Pour it in a container and place it in the cool and dark area. It will save the oil for many days. Not enough? Learn more here or here.

5 Questions You Often Forget When Buying a Small Dog

adopt-a-puppy1.How much time you can spare?

 The owner needs to take the puppy out for socialization process. The puppy totally depends on the owner regarding this issue. You have to fulfill the puppy’s need to introduce itself to the world. However, a good way to learn more knowledge is to join a great puppy club.

2.Do you have family and friends to take care of the puppy?

 If at certain moment you lose your patience and fell unwilling to take care of the puppy? If you think you are capable of going through the process and if you have patience and optimism then the puppy will surely gain some benefit. Generally retired persons have luxury to spare time but if you think you can give enough attention to the puppy then you can obviously take the job. There are some old people who like to do the job of taking care of a puppy but others may find it frustrating and boring. They may also fell tired. In this case what can you do?

Jan Manning a dog trainer suggests that one should get an older dog. She has expressed that puppies can increase the blood pressure but the older dogs lower it. Older dogs give you less surprises and its temperament can be predictable. The Shih-Tzu can endure the children. Toddlers may create difficulties for some dogs even if they are child friendly. Toddlers take the puppies as mobile phones or stuffed animal toys. And there lies the problem. If the little children play with the puppies and pull their ears or fur coat then it is very natural for a dog to hate them. If toddlers cause pain to a Shih-Tzu or pull their beautiful fur then it would obviously resent them.

3.Are you on blood thinners?

 Puppies can be galloping here and there. Generally seniors are thin skinners. Some people take blood thinners and if the dogs bite them then there would be problems. Puppies have sharp teeth and if the seniors get cuts or bruises then it can cause trouble. If the skin is torn apart or bruised easily then it’s a problem. 

4.Do you have fast reflexes?

The puppies which are young need to be taken outside within every one hour. And if you wish to train them to potty outside then you have to be very careful. You need to scrutinize the puppy’s pre-potty signs. You need to have an eagle eye. You should have better hearing so that you can hear the dog’s barking and whining sound to take him outside before he eliminates the mess on floor.

 5.Is movement an issue?

Puppies require certain basic preliminary knowledge about pottytraining. At least they should know the ABCD’s of potty training. It is very certain that accidents will occur. If the puppies don’t have a systematic bladder and bowel movement and if they are unconscious of responding to the nature’s call then the chances of cleaning floors become higher.Then frequently you have to bend down to clean up the dirt.

How a Pedometer Motivates People to Run or Walk?

Wearing a pedometer on one’s waist makes no difference to walking stamina of the user, but it does however serve as a motivator. Many people would think of it useless having to count the steps they take in order to either stay fit or lose weight for as long as it is working. But for those people who feel unaffected by walking even after doing so for hours each day, a pedometer benefits them in the following ways. Find more at and

Count 6000 Steps a Day and Nothing Less:

Experts believe that in order to make any sort of progress at all in losing weight by using a pedometer; one must be able to walk at least 6000 steps every day. Pedometers count the number as the walker focuses the energy to walking. 6000 steps are the least minimum for anyone to make a considerable difference in body weight and to increase the body efficiency.

Prevent from Over Walking:

People who intend to make walking their routine and they set a bench mark of, say, 10000 steps in a day can avoid from going par their target by the use of pedometer. By wearing a pedometer throughout the day, one can count the number of steps he takes while doing other tasks and chores. Excluding them from the 10000, the remaining number of steps can be taken as part of the walking exercise.

Fuel the Steps:

Having walked 5000 steps in one evening surely induces one to take a couple thousand more, and then again. This way a pedometer gives an illusion of having made an achievement. Also, in order to increase the number of steps every day, measuring residential blocks may not be the best standard. On the contrary, if one walks 8000 steps in one day, setting a bench mark at 8500 steps the following day with the help of a pedometer is a much better measuring standard.


Pedometer-picture-review step-detector using-a-step-counter wearing-a-pedometer


The home is a family’s special place that serves as a shelter and a venue where memories are created.  As parents, we do our best to keep our homes a clean and safe dwelling place, most especially for our children.
I wouldn’t say that I’m the type who worries too much, but I always make sure to check our home everyday for things that might cause harm or accidents, just like a loving and responsible mom should do.
Every time we leave the house to go some place (like going to church every Sunday), I’ll always be the last one to leave the house because I would check every room to make sure that lights are switched off and electrical appliances such as the television and electric fans are turned off and unplugged.  I also  check that the windows and other points of entrance (other than the front door) are securely locked.  On occasions that we are to return home late at night, we would leave one light on by the living room to leave an impression that our family’s already at home.
Last school year, my eldest daughter’s project was to create their very own first aid kit out of a shoe box which is what we’re now using at home, equipped with first aid essentials such as cotton balls, Betadine antiseptic, alcohol, adhesive bandages (Band-aids), etc., that we can use in case somebody in the family gets injured.
Just the other day, I was asking my husband if we could get other safety devices for the home such as a fire extinguisher.  I happened to browse fire extinguishers from fire protection online while I was surfing the net and thought that it’s about time we get a fire extinguisher just to be on the safe side.
I’ve also started to put together a list of emergency numbers that I will print out and post near our telephone and also save in our mobile phones so that we-and most especially the kids-would know where to call in case of an emergency.
Several times during the day, I always check if the cooking range’s burner knobs are turned off, “reports of fire starting because of appliance misuse is often heard in the news”.  There have been several instances in the past wherein the knob was accidentally turned on and so the gas was already leaking, but thankfully we were able to notice and turn it off immediately.  Whenever we leave the house and before going to bed, this is one of the things I intently check.
What are some safety measures you implement at home to ensure the safety of your family?  Please do share them at the comments below.


crabLast week, I was helping my eldest daughter review her notes in one of their subjects which is about the negative traits of the Filipinos that hinders progress.  Those negative traits listed wereNingas Kugon attitude, Bahala Na attitude, HiyaManana Habit, Colonial mentality and Crab mentality.
Well, today, when hubby called me and told me about something he found out regarding one of his office mates, I was reminded of one of those negative traits which is crab mentality.
Crab mentality is the attitude of being envious of other people’s success.  An envious person is likened to a crab because when crabs are in a container and they try to climb out of it, they were observed to be stepping on the other crabs, thus pulling them down.  This is what usually happens with people who are doing well – they are  pulled down by the negative comments made by other people.
One of hubby’s office mates is being that crab in his life, because he has been telling false statements to their boss about my husband.  And hubby found that out this morning when one of his site engineers told him what they observed about that person.  Of course, it really made me angry.  My husband has been working his butt off and there are times that we fight about him giving more attention and time to his work than to us, and it’s really frustrating that some four-eyed looser is ruining everything that he worked hard for.  It’s really obvious that he’s jealous of my husband because he’s the one trusted by their boss, plus he’s really a good engineer.  He can’t beat my husband when it comes to quality work performance that’s why he’s bringing my husband down the dirty way.  But it’s just disappointing that their boss believes those lies and that’s not a very good example for a leader, I mean, to easily believe something that he has no proof of. *sigh*
I am just trying to cheer my husband up, because he’s really been feeling down these past few days because of certain changes at work.  I’m keeping his hopes up that everything will be okay and that that office mate of his will eventually get what he deserves, and that his boss will be so ashamed of himself that he believed that liar.  After all, what goes around, comes around.